Curly Haired Chronicles.

Curly Haired Chronicles.

OOTD: Polka Dot Shorts.

Recently, I purchased these chestnut polka dot shorts from Old Navy, at first I was a little hesitant about the color (my first instinct would be to go with the black and white ones) but now I am so glad that I stepped a little outside my black and white comfort zone. I've already worn them countless times, and if I ever needed a reassurance that a certain trend was really a lasting trend, Madewell also has a new chestnut colored polka dot short. 
In summation, I feel like these were a seriously quality choice, and would recommend that you all also make such quality choices with your wardrobe. 

Happy Monday!


Summer Style: Go To Stripes

Stripes seem to always be my go to pattern/look/style when I don't know what else to wear. This JCrew black and white striped dress is the perfect mix of casual and chic and when paried with a simple straw hat, cross body bag, and strappy sandals this outfit will have you suited for any summer adventure. 


Music Monday: The Lumineers

This Music Monday is brought to you by a mix CD in Ivy's car (much like the last Music Monday).
The Lumineers have a great mellow, bluegrassy sound with just enough quirk and personailty to make them fun. My favorite song by them right now is Hey Ho, you should  take a listen!
also, this music video is essentially a giant hispter party, so there's that too.
Like the Lumineers? Check out   their website!


Tumblr Thursday


Olivia Palermo looking divine as always. 


a reminder from Ann Taylor


self explanatory. consent.


Looking for more Tumblr fun? Check out my Tumblr, Heather Hearts Serendipity


Summer Style: Peplum and Prints

The peplum trend has been huge lately and while it can be very flattering and easy to wear when in a top, I also love the whimsy it can give to an otherwise more serious pencil skirt. 
Here are two fun and fabulous ways to wear a white peplum skirt with two of summer's favorite prints!


Wedding Wednesday

I adore the cut of her dress.


Love the Ampersand &


Clean, simple and perfect.


If you find yourself craving more Wedding fun check out my Wedding Loves Board on Pinterest!


Music Monday: Dixie Chicks

I unashamedly love the Dixie Chicks. My dear little/friend Ivy reminded me of this love last night when she had the song "Easy Silence" on the mix CD playing in her car. I truly appreciate not only the clear talent that the Dixie Chicks have but also their fearlessness in using their voices.  Melinda Gates once said "a woman with a voice is by definition, a strong woman." Today's world all to often ignores the voices of women, perhaps in part because everyone is too busy listening to their own loud opinions. 
So, this Music Monday goes to the Dixie Chicks, especially the song "Easy Silence"
if you're in the mood for something a little more fiesty I would also recommend "Not Ready to Make Nice"


Summer Style: Polka Dotted.

JCrew always pinpoints the IT look of any season, and it looks like this year the polka dotted sweater is going to be the big winner. Here are three ways too wear the marvelous dots, with a more porfessional pencil skirt, casual shorts, and in between cropped pant. This sweater is a definite must-have for the transition to Fall. 


Foodie: CheeseBall

This past Saturday my friend Molly and I went to the Downtown Farmer's Market in Des Moines bright and early to snag ourselves some watermelon and peaches, little did we know that there would be a cheeseball also in our near future. One of the stands at the Farmer's Market makes and sells various cheeseball and dip mixes and they are seriously delicious! 
At their stand at the Farmer's Market they have a bunch of their dips and cheeseballs premade with crakers and pretzels for you to try, I think Molly and I were there for at least 10 minutes when I decided to bite the cheeseball bullet and buy a mix. This time I got the more traditional Cheddar-Bacon mix but I think I might have to go back and get the Apple Pie mix as well as a few others!
Anyways, making the cheeseball is super easy. I had never done anything like it before so it was a mini adventure for me. you just need 8 oz of cream cheese and half a stick of softened butter. You mix together the cream cheese and butter with the step 1 mix and let it get more solid in the refrigerator, then you roll it around in the step 2, crunchy  mix and wha la! You have a cheeseball. 





What I'm Loving: A few of my favorite things


I can just hear Julie Andrews singing, can't you? 
Here's a few of my favorite things for right now and into fall!

1. Witty Screen Printed Ts from Local DSM Company, Raygun

2. Cardigans that don't take themselves too seriously

3. Fabric Button Earrings

4. Fun Makeup- Colorful Essie Polish and Red Lipstick

5.Black and White Printed Skirts

6. Flirty and Colorful Flats and Pumps with Big Bows

7. Teardrop or Pear Shaped Earrings


"the prettiest girls in the world live in Des Moines"

Shoe of the Week: Boots.


Ok, ok, I know it's not even almost Fall yet so a post about boots might not be super practical, but, I love these boots. My old brown/tan boots have been through two midwestern winters and have definitly seen better days, so I knew I would need a new pair in the Fall. I stopped by DSW the other day after my haircut and when I saw these my heart went a flutter. So I bought them. I know it's early but they were well within the amount I was comfortable spending and I knew I would be sad if I waited and missed them. So here they are, marvelous brown boots.

Love them too? Or craving some new boots yourself? Check out your nearby DSW store, or online!

DIY: Felt Heart Pocket Cardi

I got my inspiration for this DIY project from the felt heart elbow patch project that is floating around pinterest. As soon as I saw the project I thought that the felt hearts would look really cute on the pockets of a cardigan that has pockets. 

Instead of using an iron on patch I decided to just use hot glue (if it doesn't last I might go back and stitch the hearts on later). And instead of using a cookie cutter as a stencil I just free-handed my first heart and then used it to trace my second heart so that they would be the same size and shape. 

I just picked an older cardigan that I had (mine is originally from Loft) and still love to wear, but that could also use a little sprucing up. I already had a bunch of felt from a failed attempt at felt flowers and thought the off-white color would work really nicely with the natural olive green color of my cardigan and would go well with whatever I chose to wear it with. 

So, I just cut out the hearts and then placed them where I wanted them to be on the pockets and  carefully glued them into place ( you have to be careful with hot glue because it dries very very quickly) 

There you have it! What do you think? 

This is definitely another one of my DIY creations that I am looking forward to wearing more in the fall. 

Tumblr Thursday


Reminds me of my big sister and I from way back when.




Floral Floral.


Check out my Tumblr Blog: Heather Hearts Serendipity for more!



Wedding Wednesday


I love the simplicity of this plum and navy combo.



The most adorable Save the Dates you'll ever see!


Check out this adorable vintage photo from an actual 1960's wedding. 


For more wedding celebration check out my Wedding Loves board on Pinterest!


Summer Style: Print Mixing

Everyone on the internet/blogosphere has been wearing the stripes & floral combo. This combination works best when you keep your color scheme simple, your shoes and bags nude or nuetral, and your jewelry and other accessories classic. I absolutlly love Atlantic-Pacific's version of this look  and Kendi Everday's version!
Here are my three ways to print mix your stripes with your florals/abstract patterns. 


DIY Inspiration.


Consider me inspired by this entire Alexa Chung look, but esepcially this top.
I spy a new clothing DIY in my future! 
I'll keep you updated on the progress!


Music Monday: Mumford Lyrics & New Passion Pit


For today's sleepy Music Monday I  bring you wise words from the
ever calming, ever amazing Mumford and Sons. 
AND, if you're looking for some new beats, you can
My favorite song so far is 'Take a Walk"
Happy Monday! 


Summer Style: Garden Party

I've already shared my love for prints with you, especially the printed shorts, but another more recent trend is long sleeve silk blouses that are loosr fitting rather then skin tight. I really love the proportions of the look created when you pair something shorter like a skirt or shorts with a top that has long or 3/4 length sleeves. And a great way to do it is with these two fun trends: the silk blouse and the printed short! Check out this outfit idea that includes both:




Shoe of the Week: Topshop Glitter


This week's very fabulous shoe of the week is the Jazzhands Glitter Peep Shoe from Topshop.
I've been spotting these glitzy beauties all around the web and love just about everything about them. The gorgeous blue color mixed with the gold glitter, the sensible and comfortable looking heel height, and the peep toes.
If you find yourself lusting after these shoes as much as I do you can find them on Topshop's website!
Do you have any shoe of the week ideas or suggestions? Email Me!


Summer Style: Red Sundress

Have you heard that country song that talks about a red sundress? Somethign 'Bout a Truck...

Well there is probably more than one country song that talks about a red sundress, but this post was mildly inspired by that song, or at least by having that song stuck in my head. 

Here are two lovely ways to wear your red sundress this summer.




Tumblr Thursday

Check out some of my favorites from Tumblr this week! 

Giant Flowers, Muted Colors, and Fun Phrases. These are a few of my favorite things!


Makes me want to listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps" on repeat. 


Kite Dress. Need I say more? #Thetalove

If you want to see more serendipitous fun check out my Tumblr Blog!


Haircut Time.

Everyone! today is a very important day. 

I'm getting my haircut today and I am both exctied and a little bit nervous. It took me a while (ok a few years) to adjust to my now curly (and getting ever curlier) hair and also to realize that my curly hair will never look like a sleek Katie Holmes-esque bob. 

It's been about a year since I've had my haircut (gasp! I know...) and last time I think I went a bit too short. Still I just feel more put together with shorter hair, in my brain there is a serious difference in the way that any outfit looks paired with a chic shorter cut vs glamorous long locks, and I am just not really sure that glam long locks are really my personality. 

So, here is my inspiration for my haircut. I'm hoping for a mid length style that works naturally (aka curly), blow dried (aka wavy), and the most unnatural (aka straightened).



I love The Glamourai's hair length, texture, and color.


Even though I have no desire for pink hair, I really like where the pink highlights are in her hair. Also I understand I will not look like Rachel McAdams no matter how hard I try. Also, I really like the slight wave and the body in this style. 


I also understand that I will not look like Jessica Biel and should not have a middle part. But I am really loving the mid length waves/curls!


Mid Length Waves and Curls!

Tell me your thoughts,

I'll keep you updated on how it turns out! 



What I'm Loving: Ikat.

I know that ikat print has been coming back in style for a while now, but lately I Love what stores and designers have been doing with the print, pairing it with either the classic black and white, or vibrant, bright colors, and you can find it on everything from t shirts, to shorts, to shoes!
Here are a few very every-day wearable ikat options!


Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! 

Love this Teal and Yellow Combo


Tandem Bicycle Invites. 


This Dress. This Dress. This Dress.

Want to see more Wedding Fun? Check out my Wedding Pinterest!


Music Monday; Dumptruck Butterlips

This Music Monday is inspired by my weekend festivities at 80/35 Music Festival, Dumptruck Butterlips was one of my absolute favorite acts that I saw/heard this weekend! They describe their sound as bed room soul grass, and they make heavenly heavenly sounds. They are a quaretet of music makers featuring a string bass, sometimes an accordian, and the percussionist literally plays a washboard. Its probably the coolest and best thing I have ever seen, ever.  They manage to flawlessly blend soul like vocals with folk roots and beautiful harmonies. 


You can find their music on spotify and iTunes. And here's their website.

My favorites are "Don't Drink the River" and "Any Man"

oh, also they did a marvelous cover of MJ's Billie Jean. 

also, "Puppy Love" features the sexy vocals of the main man, Dumptruck.



80/35 via Instagram

Here are some snapshots to my fun/food/heat and music filled last weekend!













My favorites from the weekend were of course Death Cab for Cutie and the Avett Brothers but I also really enjoyed Dumptruck Butterlips, Green Sky Bluegrass, and Leftover Salmon. I would definitly recommend listening to all of them!

DIY: Oh La La

This DIY craft project is semi a part of my DIY Bleaching and Dying series but with a little bonus!



I found this photo on Pinterest and thought it would be a great DIY sweatshirt project!

So I started with a white crewneck sweatshirt that I got for $2.00 on clearance at Walmart and dyed it using Dylon Ocean Blue dye.

During the dying stage.



The sweatshirt after I dyed, rinsed, washed, and dried it. 



I used a mixture of gold, silver, and white acrylic paint. 

I started tracing/freehanding the letters onto the sweatshirt with the silver paint, then went over with the gold and finished with the white/silver/gold mixture. I made the letters thicker as I went rather than making bubble letters and filling them in. I find that this process makes a neater final product and makes it easier to cover up any potential mistakes. 



The finished product! 

What do you think? 

I'm really excited to wear this more in the Fall when the weather starts to get cooler! 




Summer Style: Screen Printed.

Sometimes screen printed ts can be a little juvenile or immature, but lately I've been loving their potential to add visual interest to a more casual outfit. Especially when paired with other colors or prints. 

Here are two great ways to wear a screen printed v neck for summer! 




80/35 Music Festival.

I'm super excited for this weekend!

It's the 80/35 Music Festival here in Des Moines 5th birthday. The festival was named for the intersecting interstates of 80 an 35 that cross paths in Des Moines. This year the headlining bands are Death Cab for Cutie and the Avett Brothers but the festival also features local acts as well as some quality, lesser knowns. I'm really looking forward to seeing Greensky Bluegrass and Leftover Salmon in addition to the bigger band names!



Check out more info on 80/35 on their website, twitter or pinterest!

Check out more Iowa awesome from local Des Moines company, Raygun, here.


Shoe of the Week: Bright Loafers.

I love Target, and I love shoes, so it's only natural that I love Target shoes. 

These brightly colored loafers would be absolutly perfect for fall and the tassel adds just the right amount of preppy whimsy to an otherwise serious shoe style. 

Chances are that I will be buying these shoes in the very near future, I can see them on my feet already...


You can find these fabulous flats at your lovely neighborhood Target or online, here.


OOTD: Plaid Sparkle


I always love a good long sleeve button down paired with shorts, add a little metallic and some sparkle and consider me ready to hit the town!

Plaid + Twinkle Toes. 


What I'm Loving: Whimsy

Lately I've noticed that a lot of stores and designers that normally target a more serious, adult crowd have been favoring more fun, whimsical trends in their styles. Accessories are a great place to play around with styles or prints that you maybe would be too cautious to wear otherwise.

Check out these whimsical options from Modcloth and Fred Flare! 



Tumblr Thursday


Can I have this puppy? Please?


Another classy girl in a perfect white dress for summer.


Typographic Greeting.

Check out my Tumblr Blog for more fun!


Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone!
I hope you have the most wonderful and fun fourth of July celebrations that involve all things patriotic and good like fun beverages, grilled food, colorful explosives and red/white/blue party themes and outfits.


Wedding Wednesday

For this Wedding Wednesday I chose a few picks that work with today's Patriotic theme and colors! 
If you wanna see more Wedding Loves check out my board on Pinterest!

Love the dress. Love the lighting. Love.


Gingham and Polka Perfection with Red and Navy!


Bright Poppy Red looks perfect with the seaside.


OOTD: Patriotic Colors.

Casual Patriotic Colors for a HOT summer day (all the time is hot this summer).


Summer Style: Home Run Fun

Baseball is such a great American, summer tradition.  

The game, the atmosphere, the music, the food--it all adds up to some serious summer fun.

And in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, here's a casual, yet still cute look for any baseball or similarly sporty adventures you may have this summer. 

It's too bad that some midwest/northern MLB teams are having such a rough season...




Summer Style: Fireworks on the 4th.

Check out these patriotic-chic options for a stylish look to wear to your 4th of July celebrations!



Music Monday: Punch Brothers

Can we take a minute to talk about Bluegrass?

I feel like Bluegrass always gets this old person, boring, awkward, hick stigma that it definitely does not deserve. Making Bluegrass music requires an ear for harmony and a group of musicians that are completely in tune and sync with each other.

I absolutely LOVE the Punch Brothers (and Chris Thile's old haunt, Nickel Creek).

Specifically the songs "This Girl" and "Dark Days." Their sound is calming and energized at the same time, perfect for studying, blogging, reading, everything. 

Check out some of the Punch Brothers' Live Performances at Bonnaroo  here!

Summer Style: Stay Cool.

Summer Fun means a lot of activities that might require you to be both dressed and in swimwear, like going to the beach, a theme park, a pool party, or even a summer music fesitival.

Here's a casual and cool look to suit all of your summer fun needs!





Foodie: Apple Crisp

At work on Tuesday there were a box of leftover apples from an event. Recently I had been thinking/daydreaming about trying to bake something with the few apples I had at my apartment so I decided to grab a few more to experiment with. I looked up a few different apple crisp recipe options on pinterest and just used what I had on hand in my kitchen.


First I cut up all the apples (I used seven) and put them in a glass baking pan.


Then I drizzled maple syrup over the apples and mixed together three packets of maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal, cinnamon, hot water, and melted butter and poured it over the apples.


Then I baked the apple crisp mixture at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.


The noms finished product!

it ended up being not so crispy apple crisp, but it was still really delicious! It would be a great dish to bring to a party or potluck in the fall or even with ice cream! This is definitly something i would make again.

Summer Style: Casual Friday

It always seems easier to find inspiration when planning an outfit for a special event or occasion. But getting dressed to run errands or bop around town should make you feel just as beautiful as you do when you hit the town or dress up for a friend's wedding. Here are two fun, but comfy looks for your everyday self.




Shoe of the Week: Steve Madden Sandal

Shoe of the Week! The Steve Madden Karroll Sandal

Every Friday, because Friday means Funday, I'll post a favorite show from the week.

Right now I'm loving these strappy, colorful, chic wedges for summer. Check 'em out! They're on sale at Nordstrom right now!

PS: Have any Shoe of the Week suggestions? Email Me!

Summer Style: Polka Dots.

One of this summer's newest trends is the printed short. I am really excited about this look, I think it adds some extra pizzazz to what could otherwise become a boring shorts + tank/t shirt combo through the hot summer months. Here are two ways to wear printed shorts, one that's a little more glamorous and dressy and on that's more casual and suited for classic summer activities like Farmer's Market perusing.



DIY Bleaching and Dying Pt. 2


Hello Again! Welcome to Part 2 of my DIY Bleaching and Dying experiment. 

Like I said in  Part 1, this was a serious learning process for me. Even though it might seem logical now, the fact that not everything turns white when you bleach it was a big surprise to me.This dark gray knit dress transformed to a heathered, salmon color, and even though it was not the white I was expecting I decided to run with it and use the new salmon colored dress with a purple dye to create my own dip dye, ombre look. 


The Gray Before.


During the Bleaching Process the dress turned this heathered red color. 



To create the Ombre look with the dress I had to decide where I wanted the salmon-pink color to start turning purple, I decided on about 2/3 of the way up the dress. Then I put that 2/3 of the dress in the purple dye and throughout the hour and a half dying process I would slowly pull more of the dress out of the purple dye until just the bottom hem was in the dye. 

I also tried to be really careful in the rinsing stage of the process, I didn't want any of the purple dye to rinse out on part of the dress that wasn't supposed to be purple. 


The bleached, dip-dyed, pink into purple Ombre After!

Stay tuned for more DIY Bleaching and Dying (as well as other general craft) adventures!


Summer Style: Cloche

This summer I've developed a new admiration for summer hats and those who wear them. While the baseball hat and straw fedora are classics (and more within my comfort zone) I really like the look of the straw cloche. The cloche reminds me of glamorous women from the 1920's and I am so happy to see it back in style.

Here are two fun and summery ways to wear the straw cloche!





Tumblr Thursday.

I've had my Tumblr blog, Heather Hearts: Serendipity since my first year in college and I love all the pictures and ideas that get circulated through the Tumblr network. Tumblr Thursday will be a post highlighting some of my favorites from a week of Tumbling, if you want to see more, check out my Tumblr!


Can I be her?

Glasses + Dress + Bike


<3 Giraffes.


Summer Style: Hot Pants.

Brightly colored pants are right on trend for summer. 

These two outfit ideas take the colored pant up a notch but still keep it everyday accessible for a fun summer outing or a dinner and drinks on the patio.



DIY: Bleaching and Dying Pt. 1


I'm all about crafting and Do It Yourself Projects, I think they are a great way to use what you have to be creative and express yourself, so this summer I have a long list of DIY to do's. The first was to DIY Dye a bunch of my clothing that I no longer wear for various reasons. I purchased this tunic shirt on clearance from Old Navy a few summers ago because I liked it's lightweight linen material and comfortable shape. But I haven't worn it as much as I anticipated because of its bright yellow color. So I decided to dye it a more flattering green.

The Before: Neon Yellow.


During the Bleaching Process.

The bleaching stage of this project was a learning process for me. I was surprised by the different ways that the fabrics would react to the bleach, some would turn a different color, and others wouldn't react to the bleach at all. 


During the Dying Process.


The Lovely Green After.

Stay Tuned! I still have 6 or 7 other articles of clothing that I am planning on dying or transforming throughout the summer.

Wedding Wednesday


I love weddings. But really, I Love weddings. 
While I wouldn't necessarily say that I have my own future wedding entirely planned, I do really enjoy seeing what other people have done to make their wedding day their own. 
Weddings are such beautiful and joyous occasions, and I believe it is my duty to appreciate other people's lovely weddings. 
If you want to see more lovely wedding ideas, check out my  Wedding Loves board on Pinterest!



a Lovely shade of blue.


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