Curly Haired Chronicles.

Curly Haired Chronicles.

OOTD: Polka Dot Shorts.

Recently, I purchased these chestnut polka dot shorts from Old Navy, at first I was a little hesitant about the color (my first instinct would be to go with the black and white ones) but now I am so glad that I stepped a little outside my black and white comfort zone. I've already worn them countless times, and if I ever needed a reassurance that a certain trend was really a lasting trend, Madewell also has a new chestnut colored polka dot short. 
In summation, I feel like these were a seriously quality choice, and would recommend that you all also make such quality choices with your wardrobe. 

Happy Monday!


Summer Style: Go To Stripes

Stripes seem to always be my go to pattern/look/style when I don't know what else to wear. This JCrew black and white striped dress is the perfect mix of casual and chic and when paried with a simple straw hat, cross body bag, and strappy sandals this outfit will have you suited for any summer adventure. 


Music Monday: The Lumineers

This Music Monday is brought to you by a mix CD in Ivy's car (much like the last Music Monday).
The Lumineers have a great mellow, bluegrassy sound with just enough quirk and personailty to make them fun. My favorite song by them right now is Hey Ho, you should  take a listen!
also, this music video is essentially a giant hispter party, so there's that too.
Like the Lumineers? Check out   their website!


Tumblr Thursday


Olivia Palermo looking divine as always. 


a reminder from Ann Taylor


self explanatory. consent.


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Summer Style: Peplum and Prints

The peplum trend has been huge lately and while it can be very flattering and easy to wear when in a top, I also love the whimsy it can give to an otherwise more serious pencil skirt. 
Here are two fun and fabulous ways to wear a white peplum skirt with two of summer's favorite prints!


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